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V4 ReplicaMonster Energy (Saucier)


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File Name: Monster Energy (Saucier)

File Submitter: Gabe2304

File Submitted: 17 Mar 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

This was the first truck I put together in Blender.

Just in time for the World Finals!


Me- Prop placement, exporting, chassis mods, rim paint, body skin update, GoPro texture, Rigid Industries A-Series and Dually light models

RockCrwlr- Body, UK tires, shocks, physics

Edy Beltran- Converted ME skin to Escalade body

Beau Smith- Sounds

Worldfinals- RII box, GoPro, RII lights, lexan, "MONSTERJAM.COM" logo

RKM- Radiators, batteries

Outlawed- Chassis, exhaust

Crazy-ISP seat

DanDon-Rear steering motor

SealedGecko- Axles, tachometer needle, engine

Wambo- Pedal animations, fuel injection

Acdcfan56- knuckles, rims

IceCreamRulz- repainted 4-links and tie rods from Acdcfan56

SMPack makers- Other things I forgot to mention

*Please PM me and let me know if I forgot anyone in the credits or anything in the zip.*

Click here to download this file

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