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V4 ReplicaEl Toro Loco McDonough WF15 Practice Truck


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File Name: El Toro Loco McDonough WF15 Practice Truck

File Submitter: Davynijland

File Submitted: 21 Mar 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

I had some spare time and thought this truck will looks cool in ror so I made it! :)

And this is also my first ever uploaded self made Blender truck, so let me know what you think of it!


Rims: Josh Bothwell(MJFAN)

Tires: SealedGecko

Chassis and Headers: Outlawed

Body: V4 Makers

Skin: Coconutmen

Feul Cell,Radiator,Gauges: Outlawed

ISP seat: Crazyman444

Tires: RockCrwler

*If I forgot someone PM me and I will add your name!*

Click here to download this file

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