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Problem loading a truck in game

Mark Iron


Alright, oddly one of the trucks I downloaded for ROR decided to start giving me trouble today.  I was trying to open the 1989 version of Scott Hess' Bear Foot in game and it caused my ROR to crash, with an error message saying something along the lines of "ScottHessBearFootRim.mesh cannot be found by autodetect".   The mesh is in the pack for the truck.  I tried this several times and the game crashed each time.


Oddly, when I open the 1990 version first the truck works fine and even lets me spawn in the 89 version once the 1990 version is already in game.  I just cannot directly spawn in the 89 version if I want to only use it as a truck.


So yea, any help will be greatly appreciated.


I should probably note here I've done some minor work to the tires, but it's nothing major and is the ONLY thing I've touched in the truck file.  And yes I've redownloaded the file as well.

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Alright, in a follow up.  I managed to get it work in game, however, I now have 2 Hess 1989 bear foots show up in my truck list.  I do not have another truck file anywhere which would cause this.  Again, if anyone has any help I'd appreciate it greatly. 

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