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[PS3] GTAV Race Tournament

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Okay guys, today around 8 PM EST I will be hosting a major race tournament.

Races will have high payouts, roughly $35,000 each.

Highway racing only, Super Cars, Sports, Motorcycle, and Muscle.

10 Races, 3 different configurations.

Slipstream and catch up are on.


Testing this with 9 people we had .012, .057, & .120 finishes.

Racing is fun with the more people.


I need all 16 slots filled for this to happen.


Sign up by leaving your PSN so I can add you and invite to the race.


I already have:


1. Kamelot-Poisoned

2. Carkid97

3. Splitner-Cell_08


5. CWES1995

6. platinumhat



Races take about 10 minutes long, but they are a blast.



-Race Clean, its not fun all spread out.

-Clean chat, be positive

-No glitching....

-Have fun!



How teams work is basically people driving the same car manufacture as you are. Slipstream with them and win!


I suggest to have your mic charged and ready to go!



1. Need For Speed

2. TBA

3. Need For Speed (Reversed)

4. TBA

5. TBA

6. TBA

7. TBA

8. Need For Speed (Night)

9. TBA

10. Need For Speed

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