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Hello, all. I've been a longtime monster truck fan; I started watching it back in the late 1980s as soon as I could crawl in front of the television.


I've played Monster Truck Madness I and II, and one of the newer Monster Jam games (excellent graphics, horrible phsyics), and I what got me started on Rigs of Rods was a Youtube video of the crash effects about a year ago. I downloaded the game, and it came with Squishy Stadium and a few monster trucks, among other things. I noticed that the physics were incredibly good, especially for a free game. I started looking around for other trucks and racing venues, and came to a review for Sim Monsters on a Monster Truck fan site. I clicked the link, and have practically been in heaven ever since.


I am not new to modding games, but I will admit that Blender so far has me baffled. I've created cars and tracks for Need for Speed III and IV, as well as modded Monster Truck Madness II. I hope to start working with people who know more than me about Blender to get some of the high quality trucks converted to Rigs of Rods from the older games, especially ones from the late 1990s and older. I would like to get the trucks from the 1970s and 1980s on the leaf spring chassis they came with, and the 1990s trucks on a tougher coil spring suspension that has more bounce than the newer ones, but more compliance than the leaf spring trucks.


Personal favorite monster trucks: USA-1, Blacksmith, Unnamed & Untamed, Reptoid, and Snake Bite.

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Well, Welcome to the forum!


You can check out the awesome tutorial tab we have and you will be able to access tons of helpful tips for all of your needs to mod in Rigs of Rods. You check out some of the communities newest content creations in the Show Your Projects thread : http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/topic/6790-show-your-projects-chapter-33/#entry84890


You can also download some great content in the download section of the site.


Enjoy your stay.

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