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V4 ReplicaEscalade Revamped Pack


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File Name: Escalade Revamped Pack

File Submitter: Davynijland

File Submitted: 30 Apr 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

This pack includes: Escalade WF7 version,Escalade 2006 version and the 2009 version.

I know it's the wrong chassis, but it's the only one that came close to the right one...


Chassis&headers&Sim Monsters Trucks Props: Outlaw

Body&Shocks&Tires: RockCrwler

ISP Seat: Crazyman444

Other things: V4/V4.5 Makers

Neon added:Me

Let Neon works: MJFAN

*Forgot you? Send me a PM and I add you*

Hope you enjoy! :D

Click here to download this file

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