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V4 CustomHot Wheels Adrenaline Rush

Chris Hamilton

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File Name: Hot Wheels Adrenaline Rush

File Submitter: worldfinals

File Submitted: 02 May 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Well here it is! My custom truck that I will be running for the SSRS Custom Series! Took a long time to come up with the concept and paint, but it's finally finished! I have full rights to use this truck in any event, but if you would like to run this truck in a fun run for example, please message me first before signing up in the truck. There's not much else to say but ENJOY!


Painting, Rear Spoiler, Front Fins, Lexan, Rii Light Bars, Button Box, Toggle Switch, Prop Placement- Chris Hamilton

Birch RII Box, Driveshafts, Driveshaft Loops- Daniel Donnelly

Chassis, Muffler Exhaust, Kill Pin- Nicholas Kozak

Rims- Johan Seminario

Tires, Shocks, Shock Shafts- Klayton

Radiators, Batteries- RKM

ISP Seat- Michael Murray

Engine- SealedGecko

Everything Else (That I couldn't think of)- SmPack Makers

Huge Thanks to Chadwick Deerfoot for his input for the truck as well as Devin Doss for the photo you guys see!

Click here to download this file

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