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V4 CustomGeneral LeeIII/Fast & Furious

Taurus Racer 13

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File Name: General LeeIII/Fast & Furious

File Submitter: Taurus Racer 13

File Submitted: 11 May 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Here is a all new General Lee with a brand new chassis and new motor and its twin truck the Fast & Furious black Doge Charger Built for TheBatdude This is his truck to use in any leagues you will need permission from him to use it. The General Lee is free to be used by anybody.Add these to the v4 pack


Chassis mods-Me

Charger body-AwsomeKong13

Fast & furious concept-TheBatdude




The rest V4 pack Crew

If i forgot somebody im sorry

Click here to download this file

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