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Video Game "Rips"?



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in all seriousness though, you could do it the slow boring way and hex edit with the game and pull the files, which i'm not well versed on and if the game is made with proprietary tools you're not getting far. good luck importing models in a format only two people have the tools for.


The other way is by using stuff like 3DX ripper, which rips everything being rendered at that frame. So if any models are off axis, they're ripped off axis. it also comes as one big clump and sometimes that turns into a vert salad like it did here





So yeah, really ripping isn't really a good way to go about it but it has it's uses. 3dx ripper is great for getting textures out though, i've had loads of fun just studying textures from console games, picking it apart and seeing how it works. But for the most part, at the end of the day it's really usually just easier to make something from scratch

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