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Some textures not showing up and white textures



Alright so I have no more hair to pull, I've been trying to figure this out all day with no success.  Everything is textured in blender (as seen in the syp thread) and I export, everything is successful.  But still textures are white. Yes i have all the pictures in the track file, yes they're all named correctly, yes everything in the material file matches up correctly.  I don't know where to go now.  


The weirdest part is that when i export racing, (top pictures) there is barely any textures.  And in the freestyle version (bottom two pictures) there are more textures on that one.  But the textures or materials weren't changed at all.  Everything on the two tracks is identical other than the some verts and car placement.  

All help is appreciated and necessary at this point! 






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I tried that, i get this error 



When i export with out deleting the materials it works and gets in game, but with the same texture problems. 


Another thing is when i export, it says "Warning, white spaces in texture "what ever the texture name is", changing to underscores"  Once it changed the texture names to underscores, i changed the texture names in the track folder so they match up.  Just some more information for you because i was told that wouldnt be a problem

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Do you think it could be something to do with my import/export plugins?  Because i still cant properly import meshes, it always says not blender file or something like that.  Could the texture problem be in my export plugins?

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