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[TRUCK] War Machine (Custom)


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Name: War Machine
Body: Military Hummer H1
Chassis: PEI
Paint (images of color/graphics): A10 Warthog design on the front with an american flag ripping through the metal

Other details: This truck is my own design and I want to be able to use this in Rigs of Rods.

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Basically on the hood have red and blue flames with the metal plates behind the flames and on the roof would have "WM" stacked on top of each other with the blue and the stars surrounding the "WM" and on the tailgate would have the red and white stripes wrapped around from the sides and have it say "United We Stand"

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I'm going to try some skinning. If anyone has already started, let me know and I'll stop. I really like this truck :)


(edit) After about 20 minutes here is what I have done. Expect a lot of progress tomorrow. I really wanna make this truck haha. It's a sick design.


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