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V4 CustomSusan G Komen Foundation Truck


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File Name: Susan G Komen Foundation Truck

File Submitter: Nascarfan98

File Submitted: 30 May 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

This truck was made for a close friend of mine who is struggling with breast cancer and is fighting through it. So during the ROR: MO I will be driving in her honor and the Susan G Komen for a cure cause.

There are 2 versions:

Regular: Has the all the fixins Knuckles, and custom rims, newer Ukraine tires

FPS: Has the original V4 stuff that doesn't have much FPS drop. V4 Knuckles, Sway bars, rims, that stuph


Body: Rock

Chassis, Shocks: Kozak

misc props: Various Memebers

Click here to download this file

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