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How to change Truck parts



Well I don't know when I'm going to get a new laptop because I'm using is a complete dinosaur and i basically cant use any v5/v4.5 trucks/parts etc. Well I was told that I could take v4 parts and put it on the new body. Well i know it probably will look bad but oh well as long as i get to see the truck. So does anybody know of a tutorial of how to put v4 parts on v5 trucks? Or does anybody know how to do it? If you do can you either put it in the comment section below or msg me on aim at pricejeremiah11@gmail.com. Thanks.

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1. First, find the truck you want to put v4 parts on. (Via V4 pack)

2. Open the .truck file using the Notepad.

3. Scroll down until you see .mesh names and such.

4. Now open a V4 default .truck file using notepad.

5. Scroll down to the area with .mesh stuff.

6. Copy whatever V4 default mesh and put it in the same spot it would be in the V4.5 truck

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