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V4 ReplicaRobo Machine 2014


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File Name: Robo Machine 2014

File Submitter: Monsterjamer99

File Submitted: 22 Jun 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

Finally finished this really sad to see this truck being discontinued but also looking forward to the newer trucks.Robo Machine 2014!

Daniel Donnelly-Radiator Tubes,Rear Steer Motor

Nicholas Kozak-Chassis Model

Matt Wilkinson-Engine Model

Klayton Halog-Tires,Shocks

Andrew Wamsley-Fuel Injector Lines

Michael Murray-Radiator

Santanamon-Prop Placements

Me-Putting the textures on the props.exporting,truck file edits,paint

Misc V4.5 Parts-Johan

P.S:This one has shocks :3

Click here to download this file

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