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V4 ReplicaGunslinger 2014


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File Name: Gunslinger 2014

File Submitter: Gabe2304

File Submitted: 21 Jul 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

I felt this truck needed an update.

Please let me know if anything can be fixed and/or if you happen to have HQ Gunslinger logos.

Me- Prop placement, body/chassis editing, flag, lexan, baking, exporting, paint

Outlawed- Chassis, exhaust

Rock- Tires, banner overlay

Andrew Sheets- Body

Nitro Psycho- Gunslinger 2013 logos

Crazy- Radiator

SealedGecko- Engine

WorldFinals- Gauges

Acdcfan56- Rims

Google- Facebook, FiberwerX, Ford headlights, and Miller Electric logos

FELD- Monster Jam and Gunslinger logos

v4/v4.5 staff- Everything else

And a special thank you to Jon Cannon, Aaron Lurie, and Daniel Donnelly for helping me work out some bugs.

*Beau's soundpack and Rock's v4.5 tires needed in order to work properly!*

Click here to download this file

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