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Help with installing Single Trucks



Hi guys, this is a really simple question and I've always asked my friends and they'e got either frustrated or laughed at me, but I've been playing Ror for quite some time. I know how to install V4, but how do i install single trucks? Where do i put them and do i extract them? A full tutorial would be great! Thanks.

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Try looking at Simpleton's tutorial by doing this:


1. Click on "Tutorials"


2. Click on "Rigs of Rods"


3. Click on "Getting Started with Rigs of Rods and Sim-Monsters"


4. Read all of Step 4.


You should know what to do after reading it a couple of times. To start, I recommend downloading El Toro Loco 2013 Mcdonald or Overkill Evolution. You have to spawn a vehicle from the V4 0.38 (or V4 0.37 pack if you have 0.37) pack first!

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