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V4 ReplicaTitan Pack


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File Name: Titan Pack

File Submitter: fernBurn

File Submitted: 02 Aug 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

After a lot of headaches, its finally here! my first truck ever. any Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. hope you guys enjoy it!

Contains: Titan WFXV, Chico 2014 w/ Rockstar wheel, & Chico 2014 w/o Rockstar wheel

FIXED- windshield lexan, crooked body, & missing png's.


AwesomeKong13- Chrome issues and body editing


Chris Hamilton- Body and Paint

Me- Paint

Aaron Cruickshank- moral support and pep talks

v4/v4.5 makers- everything else :)

..if i missed anyone, please pm me!

p.s. i know the WFXV version isnt bj''s chassis, but its what the truck would've looked like if it hadn't....wellll....ya know :/

Click here to download this file

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