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V4 CustomWWTC Amiin+// Edition Pack

Hagan Moskau

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File Name: WWTC Amiin+// Edition Pack

File Submitter: Hagan James

File Submitted: 02 Aug 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Here is a pack I made and built myself. Everything is NOT mine. It was fun making, and finally make the final release of West Wind Training Center.

If you would like the truck glow bar lights to glow, make sure you have the "glow" box checked in the graphics panel of your ROR configurator (**Warning: May Result in an FPS drop**).

Thank you to those who gave me permission on some stuff and for helping me on some stuff.


Hagan James - Putting together, Flag texturing

Noah Chiasson - Paint

unknown - Body

Nicholas Kozak - Chassis, Special Event Truck's Shock models

Johan Seminario, Michael Murray, Daniel Donnelly, Chris Hamilton - Props

Mark Colineri - Updating Johan's props and chassis, shock models on revamped WWTC.

Andrew Sheets, Nicholas Kozak - Beta testing

Click here to download this file

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