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ScrapyardPEI Tie Rod


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File Name: PEI Tie Rod

File Submitter: DanDon

File Submitted: 05 Aug 2014

File Category: Truck Building Items


Here's a new tie rod model to upload here to Sim-Monsters - the Patrick Enterprises INC. (PEI) tie rod. Almost all of the Feld Entertainment owned monster trucks and a handful of independently owned monster trucks run these tie rods.

In this zip folder, you'll find a blend file with the tie rod in it, so Blender users can export and texture their own textures onto the tie rod using Blender. There is also two textures called "PEITieRod.png" and "PEITieRod-spec.png". The regular texture is a blank texture where you can color it your own way, and the spec map texture should stay the same, as it features a realistic shine on the tie rod in game as it currently sits. There is also a black PEI tie rod model in the zip all ready to use on any truck of your choosing.


*Be sure to read the "IMPORTANT - READ ME" document before opening anything else!*

Daniel Donnelly (DanDon) - tie rod and rod end model and textures



Click here to download this file

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