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V4 CustomHerbie Tough Truck


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File Name: Herbie Tough Truck

File Submitter: steiale

File Submitted: 13 Aug 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Here is My Custom Mud Truck for MRoR and any other SM Function that hosts Tough Trucks. Big thanks to Andrew Sheets for Mainly Building this Truck Up. One of my favorite features of this truck is that there are two ISP seats in the cab instead of one. You MUST get permission from me if you wish to use this truck in anything


Alex Steinhaus - Paint, Truck File Work

Andrew Sheets - Tires, Body Improvements, Updated Paint, Chassis, Props and Shocks

Edy Beltran - New UV Map

Awesome Kong - Original Bug Body

Jon Cannon - Steering Wheel

Dan Donnelly - Steering Wheel Texture

Aaron Lurie - N/B

Nick Kozak - N/B

Diggerfan - Tires

Sealed Gecko - Tires

*Message me on AIM if I forgot anyone

Click here to download this file

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