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Well hello there!


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Just stumbled across this forum recently via a post I saw on another website, used to LOVE playing MTM1 & 2 before I had decent access to the internet to really play it much online. Enjoy pretty much any off-road racing game, RoR, SpinTires, Screamer 4x4, 1nsane, and so on. Can't say I've stumbled upon too many offroad racing game forums, so it's nice to know a few are out there.


Currently over the past year I've been running the 4x4 Evolution Revival Project, it's a project that I originally started to fix online play. Having achieved that, it's ballooned massively to include a ton of updates and other goodies. Including the goal of adding full MTM 2 compatibility. So far a majority of tracks do currently load now, however that is a discussion for another thread. Just figured I'd say hello first.

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