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Achievement Hunter [CUSTOM]


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I tried making this truck by myself in Blender, but I cannot do it, sadly. I wanted to make this truck because I love watching Achievement Hunter (and maybe some of you do as well!) and I'd love to see a truck based of them. I have made the design of the truck, but it's very simplistic (which I think is okay, since this is my first design). I will add a link to the truck's body. A little sidenote: I used the Bad News body to design the body and I'd love to have green wheels for the truck as well. Without any other information, have the design: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8rfs483hwjj67lf/achievementhunter.png?dl=0

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The Green Star? That's where the cab and bed sides part, you put the star over both pieces in the template; If you fix the paint, (Like move the Star Closer to directly under the window,) Then I will replace it on the truck. If you do that, you will probably also want to make the logo on the roof smaller, because the Flow Visor on the roof will intercept the paint, and cause some of the lettering to appear on it.

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