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ScrapyardPortland Fairgrounds Model


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File Name: Portland Fairgrounds Model

File Submitter: Nascarfan98

File Submitted: 30 Oct 2014

File Category: Track Building Items

A Model? What? Yep I'm releasing a model. I had this sitting around and didn't want it to go to waste so I decided I'll release it and see what you guys can make out of it and make me look like a terrible track builder (Like that's hard to do)

Credits to the ones who made the stuff that I didn't make:

Stands: Crazy

Crowd Animation: Edy

Light Poles: Edy

Sheds: Aaron? Correct me if I'm wrong

Front end loader, bulldozer, Trailors, porta Potties (Cuz ya gotta poop somtimes): Maxdman

Track, Billboards, Stands Roof, Wall, Fence: Myself

Dirt Texture: Rock

Various other textures: Google, maxdman, Edy

Click here to download this file

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