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RoR-TN Official Rulebook


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RoR-TN Rulebook 
Section 1: Aim Chat Rules
The group Chat will go up at its specified time
If you have signed reserved your spot in the event you will be automatically added, if you haven't please message me (monsterdylan4018) on aim or Daniel (maxdrocks33). Please do not contact an outside source unless the outside source directly notifys me
If the drivers meeting has been posted by the scheduled time anyone who is not in the chat will not be allowed to race as you missed the deadline.
During the aim chat if there is any spam/porn/vigourous and or constant attacks on a fellow racer then you will forfeit racing the rest of the event.
Once you are called into race there will be a 2 minute clock from the time I say (Blank driver to game). If you're not ingame and ready in two minuets your spot in the order will be erased and you will have to sit out till the next competition, or if in racing a bye run will be given to your oppenent in the first round, if in the case of R2 or higher then the loser of the winner who did not show up in 2 minutes opponent will come back and race
If you have something to say, I respect everyone opinions and you are welcomed to voice your concern (We'd appriciate if you waited till the end of the event to however as we are very busy while the event is going on) If you are just complaining to troll us then you will be ignored. But if you bring up a botched call or a ammendment to the rules feel free to discuss it in an adult mannor.
ALL RULINGS ARE FINAL! Once we have made up our minds on a topic or a call after disputed, that's it. There's no going back. 
Section 2: Race/Pre-Race proceders
Basic Call in Procederes:
As stated in Section 1, each driver has 2 minutes to make it ingame, if you do not make the cut then you forfeit your spot. 
Once you are ingame, you will be asked to ready up (or rdy up, r up, Rup, for short) The two minuet clock will run from the time you are called in to the time you are ready. If you are ready and you exit game the clock will continue, so try your best to get back in and ready again within the two minuets.
Wheelie Proceders:
You will have 2 hits on the backside of the car stacks only. Once you have made your two hits you will be judged and you may leave the game. If you do not leave the game within 30 seconds of your score being given then your score will be forfeited
(See Judging Rules and Scoring Proceders for how wheelies will be scored based off of)
3 Judges will score 1-10, in the event of a tie the judges will discuss who gets the +1 bonus point to win the competition
Racing Proceders: 
Once you enter game lineup at the start line, ready up, then the official will say "GO", the first person to the finish line wins the race
Racing Brackets will be set on Reversed Wheelie Scores 1st place in wheelies faces last exc
In the event of an uneven 2nd Round bracket a "Free Pass Loser" will be brought in to fill the open space. The FPL will be the driver who lost in the previous round but had the highest wheelie score (Simaler to Monster Jam's Fast loser but in a different sense)
If you have recieved the FPL once you will not recieve it again the rest of the event. 
As Stated in Aim Chat rules if a driver were to miss a race then the opponent he beat in the previous round will be brought out to race
In the event that both racers roll during the race, the race will be redone until someone crosses the line on all four wheels.
Freestyle Proceders:
Freestyles consist of a 1 minute time clock to let loose and the driver with the highest score wins the competition at the end of the night
Once ingame you will be asked to ready up, once you are ready an official will say "TSFH" translated to "Time Starts First Hit" 
Your time will also start if you should go into a donut.
In the event of an RII you must IMMEDIATLY shut your truck off. Failing to do so will recieve "Done" under any circumstance.
If we RII you your time will be paused until further decision.
If we decide you may continue on with your run this means that if you have another hard hit, hard wall hit, or mild rollover then you will be done.
3 Judges will score 1-10, in the event of a tie the judges will discuss who gets the +1 bonus point to win the competition
Section 3: Realism Defined
This is the part where many leagues divert to their own path. Some are Strict, some lienient. Personally I like to stay on a lienient path, I love seeing drivers give 110% every race. So here's what we call "Realism"
First off, lets point out the list of things you will get RII'd for, For either a keep going, or a done.
Keep Going:
Soft-Medium Rollover Save
Soft-Medium Wall Hit
Medium Hard Hit on the front end or rear end
Hard Rollover
More than 1 Soft-Medium Rollover Save
Hard Wall Hit 
More than 1 Soft-Medium Wall hit
Very Hard Hit on the front or rear end
Multiple Hard hits on the front or rear end
Unrealistic moves including the Following:
Flat spins (Spinning your truck in mid air, more than 180 Degrees)
"Hack Saves" Saves made that are intentional or prolonged, (Loosely enforced, Will only intervine if blatlently obvious)
Donuts on Sidewalls for prolonged periods of time
Sidewalls for more than 1 revolution
Typical leagues with strict rules will ban the use of Unrealistic Air, or Hack Steering (Counter steering with rear wheels). None of which will be a rule or enforced, nor will it impact your score.
Section 4: Truck Modifications
List of Items you are allowed to Mod and what you are not allowed to mod:
Shock2 Adjustments to any column
Your suspention does not have to pertain to the truck in real life, but have the cradle dragging on the floor
Props on your truck
Not Allowed:
Engine RPM's
Tire's grip
Brakes stregnth
Section 5: Judges Rules/Scoring Proceders
In this section we'll discuss basic Judging scoring proceders. 
2 Hits on each back side of the seperate racing lanes.
If a driver only has one hit and is RII'ed and done, the judges will score that one hit, but keep in mind that your score will be low because it will not be combined with another wheelie
Judges will judge the sky wheelie more than carrying out the wheelie or a slap wheelie. You can count each but sky wheelies are the most important.
1 minute freestyle runs
Judge based on the following:
The height and legnth of Air they get off jumps (No such thing as unrealistic air in this league)
Momentum is everything! You can put together a great run but if momentum is flawed such as you backing up then you will not score as high
flow from move to move
Wheelies (this time it covers slaps skys and carry over wheelies)
Donuts (How fast the revolutions and how many revolutions)
Saves: (When a driver unintentionally gets on 2 or 1 wheel and brings it back onto all 4's without the roof touching the ground.) 
Wow Moments: (Can be any of the above and includes flip saves and crashes)
Filling the clock: If you have lets say 1-3 seconds max left then we'll score you as you have filled the clock anything other than that will be considered as a deduction
Remember each judges opinion of the mentioned above will vary. Judge one might give him a decent score because he felt a lot was accomplished in this freestyle, the other might say he didn't have enough momentum, or not big enough air, no wow factors. This is no reason to get upset. We all have our own opinions on what the score we believe should be given is.
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