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V4 CustomMidwest Crusher (updated) and Mid-Atlantic Monster


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File Name: Midwest Crusher (updated) and Mid-Atlantic Monster

File Submitter: Nascarfan98

File Submitted: 24 Dec 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Revamped Midwest Crusher and made Mid-Atlantic Monster at Daniels request

Here are the new things in Midwest Crusher:

New Seat (And it comes in 4XL)

New interior

Chassis spec map

Added windshield and rear window

New Shocks

Cherry red paint (Away from the original Tomato Red)

New Rims

New Fuel cell


Paints: Me

Body: Matt Wilkinson

Shocks: Mark

Tires: Rock

Gauges: RKM

Rear Steer Toggle switch: John Dough?

Rims: Johan Seminario

The Rest: Misc Sim-Monsters Content creators

Click here to download this file

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