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V4 CustomBoy Scouts of America 2.0


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File Name: Boy Scouts of America 2.0

File Submitter: steiale

File Submitted: 04 Jan 2015

File Category: V4 Customs

May 18th, 2014 - I uploaded my 1st file to SM, and that was a replica of the Boy Scouts of America display body on a modern day CRD race chassis.

January 4th, 2014 - I'm now uploading my 5th file to the site, and it's a revamp of my first truck.

Differences between the two trucks are...

  1. New Red Beadlocked Rims
  2. New Shocks
  3. Added Flag (My home troop of BSA Troop 5)
  4. Added Version with BKT tires.
  5. Baked Body Paint

Included in the ZIP is the original 1.0 version, along with two variations of the 2.0 version - one with Ecowork Ukraine tires and one with BKT tires. Even though it's a replica, I would prefer to have current or former Boy Scouts use it in Leagues & Special Events. Anyone can use it in Fun-Runs.


Alex Steinhaus - Body Paint, Flag Texture, Truck File Work

Hagan Moskau - Chassis Prop Placement, Exporting of Flag, Chassis & Body, Shock Texture

Klayton Halogg - F-150 Body, Ukraine Tires

John Dough - BKT Tires

Nick Kozak - Shock Models?, Chassis Base

Jon Cannon - Steering Wheel

Dan Donnelly - Steering Wheel Texture

*If I Forgot Anyone, Please Message me on AIM

Click here to download this file

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