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[?] How To Name Trucks





I'm having some problems with naming a truck. Like I installed the Ford Raptor Pack. It had a template so I decided to make my first custom. I did and I'm very proud of it. It also works in-game. So I was wondering if someone can tell me how to name the trucks. Like when you are in the vehicle menu picking a truck, I want it to say my truck's name. This is probably a question 99% of you already know the answer to, but I'm still new to RoR MJ.


I would appreciate the help


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Okay. I did that.


When I cleared and regened the cache I went to start the game up, it worked and loaded it up.


Once I got to the vehicle menu it didn't have the SMV4 pack anymore. And it didn't have the truck that I just renamed doing the steps you guys told me.

Should I reinstall SMv4 from Mediafire? I tried moving the SMV4 out of the packs folder and moving it back but it still didn't work.


I didn't expect such a quick response for my problem aswell, so thanks.


I just need to know the SMv4 problem aswell as my truck problem.

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