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Rear Steer Controls Help



I use a wired Xbox One controller. And if you're unaware, the controls (keymap) are the same for the 360 controller as well. But one thing I can't figure out and do, is setup the rear steering. Any help? Yes, I've noticed you can configure the controls in the Config folder but I liked it a WHOLE lot better when you can just Add a new "controller" from the start-up menu. Since that feature is gone and have to configure it manually (keymapping), I'm unable to set it up. Any solutions? Or do I have to stick with front steering forever? Lulz


I want my rear steer to be:

Left: Left Bumper
Right: Right Bumper


Please help.



Note: I've tried adding my own controls such as:


TRUCK_REAR_STEER_LEFT                JoystickButton      0 5

TRUCK_REAR_STEER_RIGHT              JoystickButton      0 6    

But obviously it didn't work. So any solutions would be great.                                                           

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