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V4 CustomWWE Sting 2015 (Custom)


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File Name: WWE Sting 2015 (Custom)

File Submitter: MTDillon93

File Submitted: 31 Mar 2015

File Category: V4 Customs

This is my 2015 version of the Sting monster truck. The .truck file started with the V4 Sting uploaded by Jon Cannon, and I changed some parts along which can all be found in the V4 pack, except for the sounds from Beau 4x4 soundpack.


Original .truck file- V4 Sting by Jon Cannon

Original body- Dragon's Breath body by V4 makers

Changed parts- V4 makers

Sound- Beau 4x4 soundpack

Body images- Google

Body images design- MTDillon93

PS: I have already tried to upload this truck once, but it apparently got denied, this time I'm uploading it with a mediafire link hoping it gets approved

Click here to download this file

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