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Help regarding managedmaterials...



So, I've been trying 2 nights to get a truck working in RoR, and managedmaterials have not been very nice.


After I exported the truck from blender (chassis and body together as one mesh) I borrowed the managedmaterial "codes" from another truck, and simply replaced the names of the textures, (and spectacular textures) with the names of my new textures. Then, I hopped into the material file, and got rid of all the lines containing textures that I had already placed in the managedmaterials lines (Again, I'm still trying to teach myself the most as possible about managedmaterials). Then, I hopped into RoR, and everything on the truck was white EXCEPT for the shocks, axles, lights and sponsor panels. I even tried clearing and regenerating the cache, and still no luck.


My main question is:

Why is almost every texture I used and added in blender white, even though they are all in the .zip file?

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It sounds like the material file isn't linked to your new textures, and is still trying to find the old ones. I think if it weren't linked to the mesh itself, the game would crash. When I started editing I had all kind of problems with managedmaterials and gave up on it. The easiest way I have found is to skip managedmaterials in the .truck file altogether, and keep everything in .material files. I am not sure why people use it -- unless I'm missing something, managedmaterials doesn't do anything differently than a simple material file. I keep a template text file handy with all of the data for transparency, reflections, etc; so I can easily find & replace file names, then copy paste to the new material file.

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