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  1. Well, heres a sneak peek of a truck that we need on the websites invetory!
  2. Love it just please put a little more detail on the hood flames please! Any ideas for improvement? WIP that still needs help but its gettin there.
  3. I need police lights that would fit on the FDNY truck. Plz and thank you...
  4. WIP...
  5. i gotcha
  6. ya exactly when maybe spring? STL my home area too. 30 min due east!
  7. this is waste of time sorry... 100!!!!!
  8. Happy b-day!!!
  9. not sure if i like this idea yet...
  10. The sound are great! And man that gd 25th is nice!
  11. um press Q haha
  12. V4 hahaha my fails haha...
  13. STUCK WITH V4!!!
  14. ya it would be kool to have one.... if only, if only....