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  1. really like this track,sky wheelies to the moon lol
  2. been looking stuff like this myself,thanks Taurus.
  3. just the flavor for tonight...
  4. haha cool,thanks
  5. i can do them it just seems like on certain ramps my front end hits the ramp before my tires do,probably just the angle i'm taking
  6. something i found a while back being curious
  7. Haven't tried it yet but many thanks for the info Jon.I'll be knee deep in truck files if anyone needs me... lol
  8. I dont mind a little "weird" as long as its functional lol its mostly for my 3 yr old nephew. i'm no expert for sure, but i have been able to change tires in the truck files before so i'm not totally against tinkering,unless the creators are against their things being altered. P.S. even the fps versions of Carolina Crusher and Gas Monkey give me super lag
  9. Most of the newer trucks make my old crappy computer lag when i try to drive them.I was wondering if there are any parts i maybe could remove myself or change that would help me run some of those.Any suggestions?
  10. i've been using v4 zipped and placed in packs for a while on .38 and .37 with no real issues,i read on SM somewhere that I should unzip into vehicles.Since doing that i get trucks with crooked paint jobs or no sounds.Was i wrong to unzip or wrong for putting them in vehicles section? Edit: Only reason i was changing is because I can't get most of the individually DL'd trucks to work.
  11. My fault...i just noticed the "Miscellaneous" part...didn't see the tutorials part lol Follow 0
  12. thats what i do but i guess i just need to finesse it a little more. Thanks for the input Skyliner
  13. Which tracks are your favorites for just having fun jumping stuff? Just looking for some other opinions.
  14. Maybe i just suck at the game but i can't seem to get a backflip on the ramps that have shipping containers.Is there a trick to it or is it just one of those wonky RoR things or do i just need to keep trying? Thanks in advance
  15. i found a link for 37117 and gonna try this as well though lol thank you