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Community Answers

  1. This is indeed a status update 

    Incredible work team, this is indeed a dennis moment
  2. ayo what is this garbage on my hard drive
    could use work in some areas - shocks -swaybars -nodebeam -tire textures -axles+textures -hyrdos -sounds
    Numerus issues, but a few that I noticed imminently was that it sits far too high, too narrow, the NB does not match very well, the paint is incorrect, missing textures, and a bunch of missing or inaccurate parts, best of luck for future trucks looking forward to seeing improvements
    Pretty nice truck you have put together, a few things I noticed that could use work, include the sounds, (volumes are way off, half of them don't loop correctly), the fiberglass texture is very stretched out, the shock setup is like a 90s coil spring truck, not very FPS friendly, and the solid colours on the parts is a bit of an eyesore IMO, other than that, love how you lined up most of the props, and the new body seems relatively well done 👍
    Incredible job, glad to see all the bugs worked out
  3. You may wanna slow down buckaroo, wait until you have figured out how how to use RoR before jumping in like this IMO
    Not entirely your fault, but the countless issues from the LF pack show on this, and the paint is incredibly poor quality, aswel as a few other mismatched parts (tires, rims, axles)
  4. Version v1


    Have been working on this on and off over the past few months, has a new prop system using flexbodies for perfect alignment, as well as skinzips. One note is, due to an RoR bug, the FELD version may sometimes spawn without a few props, the next RoR update will fix this. Thanks to @Steele and @iZonarYT For testing and other behind the scenes help
  5. The first track with timers was WF20, no tracks before will have any, and I'm fairly certain you have already listed them all
  6. You do not Unzip files. You take the zip file and put it in C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\mods
    Truck does not look too bad mesh wise, but due to the incredibly outdated unable Node Beam, it shakes unstable, and drives rather poor, combining that with the old suspension props, I feel this could have been improved
    Pretty solid truck, glad a couple fixes were made, some things make no sense, but the replica version looks pretty good overall
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