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  1. Are you Klayton Halog's son?
  2. Well I thought I'd just make this post. There are just too many events and issues going on in my life for me to be involved on this website (not that I really was as of recently). I have other obligations in my life right now that take away from the time that I would use for racing and projects. I'd just like to thank the members of this website for providing me the closest experience to real life monster truck racing that I could get. I'll still be following real life monster truck racing and I may occasionally poke in and out of here, but for now, so long.
  3. It's a change in perspective. Van stacks used to be an important obstacle at Monster Jam shows and if one were to get stuck on a driver they wouldn't be able to be used for the rest of the show.
  4. If a van stack got stuck on Jim Jack, would you help the van stack off?
  5. When's the welcome back party?
  6. I bought this factory for $20 at a model train store today. I think it's pretty cool.
  7. Imma tell y'all right now man...
  8. There, I was the person to make the happy holiday post.
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