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  1. TheNickLoynes

    Fire back up?

    Now with my job i have evenings opened up. I was wanting to get back at it with some fun runs or a league again. if i was to get this going again who would be interested???? Please let me know
  2. I feel like a lot of the people who we're here at its prime now have left due to the fact they all have gotten older. I think towards the end it was more of a younger generation. I know most of the kids were my age back then (14-16) and now we are all to busy. I also think BeamNG and the fact they have monster trucks in game now draw most of the attention away from this site and rigs of rods in general. Im not sure i could be real off but this is just my personal opinion.
  3. The series didn't go anywhere. i attempted to do this twice but end up not being able to follow through. Maybe one day i can but as far as the time being i can't do a league.
  4. Hey guy's! So im trying to make a private server for me and buddy on 0.37. although when i downloaded my 0.37 the verison of the ServerGui is RoRnet_2.34 So do is this the right one? i know how to make the server just wanted to know if the servergui is the right one.
  5. I remember when you first joined. You wanted to join OMJL but like always it turned that series turned to poo. You have learned a lot and even though i didn't help you a lot i watched you improve over the years. It was cool! Good luck in the path you take in life my friend.
  6. you gotta enter the server yourslef
  7. Power got knocked out at my house around 5 Wednesday, Thank you for everyone who showed up but i wasnt able to inform everyone that it happened since i had no power although were on for next Wednesday May 18th is the first event at Salinas 2015. The event will start at 7:30pm Eastern Time. Link to the track is posted under the schedule. https://discord.gg/0r848uTIhga85aTx Link to the Discord Server!
  8. I just messaged you, thank you so much!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
  9. sorry the servers are down and ive been busting my ass to try i got my own server but after 3 hours of trying last night haynes and i couldnt get it to work. It worked before the servers went down
  10. Thanks im asking Why the ror online servers are gone not how to download it. Tomorrow was suppose to be opening day for OMJL but theres No servers
  11. Everytime i go to update ror for 37 to get online nothing shows up. Are the servers gone for 37 now
  12. yes, Thats why may 11th ends with the world finals
  13. Hey i just got home i havent updated the truck list yet but that truck is in use sorry
  14. i wanna shoot for about 6:00 or 7:00 pm EST
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