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  1. SomthinEvilRacing

    [TRACK] Providence, RI Dunkin Donuts Center 2014

    So did I, it was the last one before they started with the more Monster Jam series!!! i've gone every year since i was two and I'm now 28!!!
  2. SomthinEvilRacing

    Anyone here interested in driving in real life?

    Truck Name: Somethin' Evil Body Type: Most convenient Chevrolet Silverado body i could find Chassis Type: Race Source Venues: Wherever i could go Extras: Purple head lights, and a roll bar with purple KC's on it
  3. Name: Providence Dunkin Donuts Center Venue: Dunkin Donuts Center Racing Style: Chicago Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: February 2014 Images/Graphics: This was the only thing i could find with the track layout Other details: I know that there was a version from an older year of this that was EXTREMELY well done right down to the tunnel on MTM2 not sure if the creator of that is on here but maybe some of you remember that
  4. SomthinEvilRacing

    [Truck] Jethro Tow

    Name: Jethro Tow Body: 50's (i think) chevy tow truck Chassis: Jeff Bursey Chasis Paint (images of color/graphics): attached Other details: doesn't have to be perfect by any means, have fun with it!!!
  5. SomthinEvilRacing

    Fun runs with a Mac

    Its been a long time since I've had some time to do anything with ROR and tonight i am looking for a fun run after the Triple Threat Series tonight in Providence but i am using a mac and version .37 is it still possible to do online stuff with everyone else??
  6. SomthinEvilRacing

    Yellow sections on body

    i did that, and it got rid of the yellow but made all those surfaces white....i can live with white lol but still an issue of some sort, Thank you for that though cuz that got it almost there lol
  7. SomthinEvilRacing

    Opinions on #MoreMonsterJam

    Well im kind of surprised, i guess its like Double D said, i guess its just not my cup of tea. I do agree with it being awesome for the up and comers of the sport for sure, but i guess i'm just old school lol
  8. SomthinEvilRacing

    Opinions on #MoreMonsterJam

    I was wondering what everyone else's opinion was on this type of show. In my area i am close to the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, the DCU center in Worcester, and Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, i had been going to the Dunk for 24 years, never missed a single monster truck show there and last year they started the #MoreMonsterJam series, i was sooooo bored i couldn't believe it! Then this year the same series is going to providence again so i decided i was gonna go to Worcester because last year it was a normal "Chicago Style" show, this year its set up just like the #MoreMonsterJam shows, so what i ended up doing was sending an email to Feld explaining my concerns about the style show, and they were very cordial in there response saying they would forward my email to those in charge of the shows. All i'm basically asking is if anyone else has seen one of these shows, do you agree with what I'm saying, or did you think that it was still a great show?
  9. SomthinEvilRacing

    Yellow sections on body

  10. SomthinEvilRacing

    Yellow sections on body

    I'm having an issue that i am thinking has something to do with a texture or material file but i'm not sure. Everything was fine in my SMV4 folder then something happened to the folder and i had to start all over again, i had that folder for quite a long time, now my custom truck, which is only a repaint, had this like yellow glow on it, and i'm not sure what i had before that made it not do that. I hope i can get some help, and i will put another post up under this one with a picture of it so you can see what i mean. Thanks guys!
  11. SomthinEvilRacing

    Former driver coming out of short early retirement!

    That would be me man! thanks for the welcome!
  12. SomthinEvilRacing

    The Musician Thread

    Wow there is some really nice gear on here Gentlemen!!!!! I too am a musician, i play guitar primarily but i sing, play bass, a little bit of drumming, and even a bit less of keyboard lol. I write and record original music in two "bands" (one of them being just me and programmed drums lol) and also play in a classic to modern rock cover band...due to the incredible amount of gear i have gathered over the years i've been playing i'll just share this video to you guys and it covers almost all of it......WARNING: in the video i mean to say LTD and it comes out PEAVEY lol i do notice that and i also say something else wrong but i dont remember what...there is also a teaser of one of my songs off my forth coming album:) its a pretty funny video lol i also screwed up thats Excalibur on the speaker lol
  13. SomthinEvilRacing

    Music thread

    Well i kinda just scanned through this thread skipping quite a few pages but it seems like there are either Rockers and/or Ravers for the most part on this site soooooo i think we'll all get along just fine!!!\m/...... ....yeah we'll be fine \m/\m/
  14. SomthinEvilRacing

    Show Your Ego Chapter 46

    Thanks man i do appreciate it!!!
  15. SomthinEvilRacing

    Rear steer switch

    That thing is awesome!!!! Very cool and great job man!!!