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  1. Music thread

  2. Atlanta 2014 Fun Run, 12/17/16 @ 3:00 PM EST

    isaac ankrom Boosted rc time flys 2016
  3. Sim- Monsters V4

  4. Are there still Eve Of Destructions at Quincy Illinois racetrack?

    Yes I have tried google but found nothing about it.
  5. I went to one when I was little and it had the red cactus monster truck and I believe one of the bigfoots, it was realy fun with figure 8 races and demo durby and the jet quad. My dad and I would want to go but I don't know if they still have it.
  6. (skin) hpi wheely king

    Alright thanks
  7. 2013 Tropical Thunder

    Does Phil foster still drive? I know he drove tropical thunder after he left toms team.
  8. (skin) hpi wheely king

    Name:hpi wheely king Body:pickup Chassis:a taller one Paint (images of color/graphics): hpid0973_550 Other details: I would realy like it so I can use it for a league my friends and I are starting.
  9. the real mud truck of s of a digger

    Name:son of a digger Body:son of a digger mud truck Chassis:doesn't matter Paint: I just want the truck to have mud tires in it. someone please make it. thanks
  10. repost the old sim-monsters tracks

    can i download them from some were
  11. repost the old sim-monsters tracks

    May some one please repost the old concrete ramp tracks from way back when v.2 was out? i would realy like that.
  12. Count Down to V4

    the pack is great but if i may say the truck are a little to light because when i flip it seems like the truck are floating.
  13. tanner fousts rally car

    ok bro i got you
  14. tanner fousts rally car

    i saw that i was kinda talking to caesy
  15. tanner fousts rally car

    now can we have this truck please? i think this would be one of the best trucks so far.