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Mark Colineri

V4 ReplicaGrave Digger 32 2016

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Grave Digger 32 2016

This truck is Stand-Alone

This truck has an edited N/B with longer shock nodes that may or may not be legal for use in leagues

Happy 4th of July everyone! Here are 2 versions of Grave Digger 32. One that Adam Anderson piloted to the Fox Sports 1 Tour Championship and the World Finals Freestyle Championship, as well as the one Dennis Anderson has been piloting throughout the recent Monster Jam Path Of Destruction Tour. Enjoy!

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2 minutes ago, steiale said:

Mark, any reason why your trucks now a days have stationary steering wheels?

I place the steering wheels in Blender so they fit in the drivers hands. I find a rotating steering wheel kind of pointless ever since Helen mentioned it. Everyone has their own preference, I just like having the driver looking like he has a hold of it and it doesn't shake around like a regular mesh would.

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