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  1. I think that's a house in the background lol
  2. Need to make the folder public.
  3. For barely ever driving a truck, Heavy D did pretty well.
  4. I read somewhere that those have been at the stadium for years as left over, but hey, who knows. Excited for whatever they come up with really.
  5. Wow.
  6. Do you just enjoy talking out of your ass all the time?
  7. Let's see what we have in store for another 30 pages.
  8. How about when we get close to the end, we don't have 100 posts saying it's almost over so someone random can start the next thread. How about we keep posting normally and let the thread run it's course.
  9. Another little preview of one of the other tracks I converted to BeamNG.
  10. Since we don't really have a section on the forum for it right now, I thought I would create a thread specifically for BeamNG videos to keep them separate from the RoR stuff.
  11. I think you are confused by his wording. He doesn't mean a newer model as in model year wise. Andrew Sheets made a new physical model of that same body that is a lot cleaner and better looking. The one you are using is from stock V4.
  12. Kind of surprised at this, but George Balhan will be subbing in for Todd Morey this weekend in Bounty Hunter.
  13. This sends a horrible message to people making content. He is attempting to make his own truck, whether it be a clone of one you uploaded or one he put together himself. You released it to the public, he has no restriction stating he cab't make his own truck from it. You should be glad someone is attempting to make good content, rather than try to dissuade them from making something at all. Why not take it as a compliment that he bases his work off your content? What is actually wrong with that? @monsterjam16' I am very happy to see you are attempting to make content. If Blaise has a problem with you cloning his work, I give you fill permission to take anything I have made and turn it into your own. Keep up the good work!
  14. Apparently this guy is driving Max-D in Charleston for Colton since Colton is driving Max-D in Arlington for Tom.
  15. The rims aren't new at all actually, they are from Chris' Wrenchead which is from V3. Your engine is sitting above the main rails of the chassis, why? Why is it also so far back in the truck. There is a chassis bar going directly through the oil pan. The transmission model is about 4 years old. Please, look into actually using updated parts that are ALREADY released instead of trying to pass 3 year old content off as something refreshing. I'm sorry if this is harsh, but you have kind of already proved that being kind to you doesn't work. Maybe being blunt and up front will make you realize what we are trying to say.