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V4 ReplicaStrait Jacket 2015

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Strait Jacket 2015

So this project started a LONG time ago, I slowly put it together learning so much a long the way thanks to Mr. Colineri for basically guiding me through creating all of the custom textures for the truck, other than the paint of course, dats all me ;)

Anyways this is only the 2015 Version of the truck, the mini file says 2014, I goofed, it was 2015 but at this time, I can't fix it up due to school and work. That's why its being uploaded, I wont have time to fix the issues the truck has, which are minor, shock placement, driveshafts not connecting the axle's etc. It's a solid piece other than that and I hope you guys do like it. :D 

Side note, the truck is completely compatible with .4 and is STANDALONE do not add it to your v4 pack, because I cant guarantee it wont over write certain files. So keep er separate

Another side note: You will find the Fluffy truck spawnable, yes, but its merely a rolling chassis, I forgot to take it out of the pack before I uploaded it.

WARNING! This truck WILL eat fps unless you resize the tire texture! Downsize it to 1024x1024 if you dont want to have 30fps while driving it!

Here's a video on how to downsize textures: 


Body: Sheetan the body builder

Paint, re-textures, prop placement, pack compiling, exporting: Zonaarrrr aka me

Guidance and help: Mark Colineri & Fern Burn

Chassis: Kozakistan

Placing the 4 links and sway bars: Hagan

Radiator hoses, and miscellaneous stuff I dont remember: RockGod

Everything else: SM Community Members

if you would like to be recognized for your parts please DM me about it thanks! :) 


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