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  1. Version 1.0.0


    I'll keep it brief, simple little custom arena and track that I modeled to test my abilities and learn how to export and build everything within newer versions of blender. There are a lot of small things wrong with the track and the way things are textured, however for a first build I'm happy with this. Be careful giving the triple a full send, you might end up in the roof. Racing is a bit different than most with a J hook into Chicago racing. It's meant to be tight and difficult to get out into the Chicago portion of the course. Please enjoy it and look out for more content in the future as I get better and more comfortable using Blender. Enjoy!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped along the way!
  2. So time for a double post here but I feel like this is a pretty big deal. I've heard from around the community some resentment towards newer versions of blender. Heard things about how you cant export tracks and some other silly misinformation so, I decided to look into this, I'm sure a few guys remember me working on this and figuring things out, but I'd like to think this is my proof of concept, using Blender 2.79b (not newest anymore but darn close) and all newer resources from the rigs repository for exporting so its easy to access for everyone without giving out spoopy mediafire links with old software. I have a track built and put in game. Working, sans some issues with ramp angle and such (being a first track I expected as much for future fine tuning) but I'm extremely happy with the results and I can't wait to tackle more projects in the future. Please leave me some feedback on what I can do better in the future, not sure if this will get released, may just throw it into a stadium model and get it out for people to mess with. But for now, this is the "more to come soon" post. Looking into the idea of doing some very in depth tutorials for newer creators, but thats still tbd. Not sure if its really that big of a deal, but I figured I'd share regardless since I know we've certainly had a drop off in content creation.
  3. I wont compete, but thanks for the download of the truck big homie 🥴
  4. should be pretty obvious.
  5. If for any reason any one would like to tackle Del Scorcho I have the paint nearly finished. Please send me a pm once you have a chassis in game and I can send it on over.
    Well since you seemed to miss it the last time I suggested beveling lemme try again..... bev·el /ˈbevəl/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. a slope from the horizontal or vertical in carpentry and stonework; a sloping surface or edge. synonyms: slope, slant, angle, cant, chamfer, miter, oblique, diagonal, tilt; rarebezel verb 1. reduce (a square edge on an object) to a sloping edge. "a beveled mirror" Steps Open up Blender and add the shape that you want to start with. ... If it is isn't in Edit Mode, change Object Mode to Edit Mode. Press W and then select Bevel (or CTRL B and then start moving the point around with your cursor. ... Now that you have figured out how to make a bevel, keep experimenting. Hopefully this helps......
  6. I'm so proud of this one.......
  7. So this is something that I made a while ago and never got the chance to officially upload to the site, you've seen it on a few of my creations along with a few other creators trucks. I'd really like for the community to start using this template design for their mini files on their trucks, it was built to create a very consistent theme from all creators using it, thus, making our site look more professional as a whole. Feel free to download this .PSD template and add your own photos and logos. If you don't use Photoshop, download the .psd plugin for paint.net. The only downside to using that is you wont be able to directly edit the glow coming off of the edges of the boxes. Other than that, everything else is still completely editable. If you have any questions about how to use this template or need help putting the mini's in game, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be glad to help. .PSD Plugin for Paint.net: https://www.psdplugin.com/ The template for Mini Photo's: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hsoxd9cn5l1pqhs/TruckMiniBase.psd/file Here is what the template will look like once opened up Here is a few finished Mini files as examples:
  8. bev·el /ˈbevəl/ verb 1. reduce (a square edge on an object) to a sloping edge. "a beveled mirror" https://www.wikihow.com/Bevel-an-Edge-in-Blender Think this will help a bit with the square ramp look
  9. Do you feel it now Mr.Krabs?
  10. I like the idea of the work your doing, but I think you need to take more time to work on your modeling skills, watch the series on how to make tracks to help smooth out your ramps. The texturing isn't bad, but modeling needs a lot of refinement. Study photos of the actual tracks and look at how they "slope" work to mimic those designs.
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