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Show Your Projects Chapter 58

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20 hours ago, nks1996 said:

you mean like this

also been getting this all ready to go its only racing so far 

its a two way old school st louis style track in pontiac silverdome alot of fun so far and yes i will be changing some of the little banners on the track to have diffrent sponsers cant wait to get freestyle done and get it going in game 

That track looks awesome. I'd recommend looking around for 2005-2007 banners for that track, I feel like they'd fit it best. I'd also recommend re-texturing some of the ramps, the dirt texture is coming off as 'skewed' on some of the ramps. Otherwise looks pretty good! 

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19 minutes ago, Medalwarrior215 said:

Like windows paint 

Don't double post, just use the edit tool. Also, Paint.Net, not MS Paint

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