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Until Wednesday at 12:00 AM only guys who competed in either of the two practice races can sign up, I know who ran so don't try and sign up until then or else I will delete your post and not tell you about it.

Post a reply with the Following info filled out and you must choose a truck from our truckpack, only ones not available are Max D and Grave Digger





Truck -- Driver

106.7 The Fox -- Oinari

Air Force Afterburner -- Casey Graves

Avenger -- ARF Man

Back Draft -- talisandayla1234

Backwards Bob -- D.Sommerfeld

Bad Habit -- Outlawed

Bad News Travels Fast -- Liquidfire

Bigfoot -- cman23

Blacksmith -- skullofdeath

Black Stallion – ushra

Blue Thunder -- greedblind89

Bounty Hunter -- JRobson

Brutus -- _Pitbul_

Bulldozer -- Bigkeith11

Captain's Curse -- jarongoose

Cowboy -- k.cmods

Crushstation -- TMBKaedon

Destroyer -- lmroseland

Devastator -- 10654able

E3 Bigfoot -- Brian

El Matador -- Thundraz

El Toro Loco -- Jrtec13

Eradicator -- Travis

Firestone Destination -- Oggy00

Grave Digger -- JDR

Grinder -- tweak740

Gunslinger -- crazyman444

Iron Outlaw -- bert

Jurrasic Attack -- Patriotic Canadien

King Krunch -- restored429

Maximum Destruction -- RKM

MLB Bigfoot -- Mantel4523

Mohawk Warrior -- digger

Monster Mutt -- prmikee9

Monster Mutt Dalmation -- CKailen

Monster Mutt Rottweiler -- justin885

Mopar Magic -- Greeny

Nitro Circus -- Rexanator

Pastrana 199 -- tatsu

Predator -- bayc0

Quickdraw -- champion

Raminator -- mdemko

Rammunition -- timburks73

Safe Auto -- ak47_indamouth

Scarlet Bandit -- maddog652

Shock Therapy -- Tylinater

Son Uva Digger -- sonuvadigger

Spiderman -- Roach

Stone Crusher -- sidewnder

Summit Bigfoot -- t1m07hySm17h

Superman -- Cortez

Suzuki -- tommeents1

Spitfire -- tubaboy

Stabilizer -- Danny H.

Taz -- jdshark000

Taurus -- TheMonsterBlog

Time Flys -- thunder7845

TMNT -- newmonster

Tropical Thunder -- chromethunder

War Wizard -- Crushker

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