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where to start, uhm well Canadian Crippler I suppose:

Jet painted up all three body schemes.

original dodge ram pickup on big dummy chassis


then moved onto a modified PEI for a budget based league (the chassis was already owned so I had to "purchase" a body and scheme for it


then moved to a mid '90's ford body:

first sat on big dummy chassis


then one of my own custom chassis's


then on a Scott Bergman custom belly style chassis first with cantilevers


and then standard shocks


then moved to a F-650 body



and then on my custom chassis with cantilevers


then no cantilevers


then bead locks and sir tires


then custom tire texture based on the MT baja claws


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Nice job how much does MTM2 cost i want to get my hands on it.

Well, erm... Last I saw it on Ebay, the cheapest was around $15. I believe it's began to be more of a collector's item and you know what that means. You didn't hear it from me, but your best bet would be to try and find it online. Just be careful if you do that as you never know what you'll end up with.

And I remember that old thing Nick. Ever thought about making it for RoR?

And I guess I can show you guys my personal ride Outrage's lineage:


There's the original from 2009.


The 2010 version with the PEI that I used on all but the last few versions.


The original version of the team-mate truck, Maximum Power.


A later version of Outrage from 2010 or early 2011


The 2nd Maximum Power truck


The 2011 Outgage with the current body model and it's 1st fully custom chassis


V.2 of the 2011 truck

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The Outrage Ride truck


v.3 of the 2011 truck


The original version of my 2nd custom team chassis


The first version of the current truck.


and the last version of the MTM2 truck. Then we have the RoR version, which is at a standstill at the moment sadly.


And the truck that replaced Maximum power, Monster Patrol!

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Welp, might as well post the linage of my custom league trucks as well...

First up, the very first custom truck I ever did, "Stuntman," which was actually nothing more than a sloppy repaint of Scott Bergman's Blue Thunder. But at the time I was just learning how to paint mtm2 trucks and barely knew how to operate Bin Edit on my own.


Being so exited to finally have a truck of my own, I went a little wild and decided to expand the "team", even giving it a fictional past...



I never raced any of these trucks in competition and eventually left the name to die, but thanks to PM the truck resurfaced in 2011 with a total revamp from top to bottom and I was finally able to finally release the truck that helped me get started.


Still blows my mind how great of a job he did with it.

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Next up is the truck I spent most of my time racing online with, the "B.C Lion."


Again, like Stuntman, this truck was just a simple repaint designed around the same time. Originally it was designed as a tribute to my favorite Canadian Football League team, and I had no intention of ever doing anything else with it after that.

Then came the opportunity to join on with a new all Canadian racing team being put together by Kozak, and since this already had a Canadian theme to it everything just sort of fell into place. I gave the truck a fresh new image for the upcoming 2009 SPHRA season and brought it out. For the new look I decided to ditch anything football related and just roll with the Lion theme full time.


Here's some unique tires I tried out for a short period of time...


A couple small updates; new chrome shocks, bed cover, and brand new BBR team collectors.


With the new Super Duty making it's real life debut, I deiced it was time for another paint update. This time going with the new front clip, and a a little more "toned-down" image. This was always my favorite looks out of the 3.


I even made a special Christmas themed B.C Lion for an event held at Christmas time. I'm pretty sure I made it to the finals that night and lost out to Diggy. haha


Another update, new in-house chassis from Kozak and custom wheel covers...



Our team's "official" sponsor was Evolution Machining & Engineering , so I deiced to have some fun and make a special appearance sponsor body for my truck like some real MT teams will sometimes do...


And another shot of the truck on it's 2nd brand new in-house chassis. This is the version I had the most success with and the last update for the truck with online racing slowly fading away...


Seems like yesterday we were all racing these trucks instead of going all nostalgic over them. lol

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Almost forgot my old Aviator! I had originally planed switch over to this truck after my first season in the B.C Lion, but with SPHRA being a budget league I decided to just stick with the Lion name, and this truck never really got used...


And an experimental belly chassis version with a '89 F-150 body.


Then much like my old Stuntman truck, the Aviator just got shelved until one day when I was in the process of cleaning out my mtm2 shelves, I decided it was time for an update. This is a repaint of the last version of the B.C Lion, and I'm happy that I was able to use it in a couple of online races before being released for download and parked...



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I love this. It's awesome to see how a particular truck develops over its like time. I hope Dave joins in with the skull crusher, one of my favorite trucks. Ino matter what I did to my trucks, I just never thought they were up to par with yalls.

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I call bs, Matt. You always had cool trucks. Pretty unique too! Hey Jet, did you get the redone Stuntman leafer I sent you or did it not get to ya?

Oh, and just for the heck of it, I'll show you guys my first ever MTM2 truck, Twister!


It's a pile I know. Back then, I made far more tracks then trucks mostly because I thought they were too hard to paint. This truck went through many variations and like Jet's Stuntman and Aviator, it was shelved once Outrage was made, though there were a couple versions of the truck in between. The most recent version of the truck I had made early this year or late last year.


There it is. Think I may take the name back into the shop once again and see what comes of it. Be back soon!

Oh, before I forget, here's Jet's retro Stuntman I did for him



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Old buddy Curtis Wagner did this custom up for me that I used until MTM2 faded away.


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Love the Twister "then and now." It's fun to look back sometimes at where you were when you started.

Don't think I ever got the new retro Stuntman, but holy poo is that truck ever hot. B)

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Oh boy. MTM2 were some of the best times, and have ultimately lead me to being able to work with Monster Jam, and know some of the awesome people I know. This is a GREAT thread, it's pretty cool to see the start to finish progression of the personal trucks that I knew you guys as in several leagues. I guess I'll show you guys the little bit of work I was able to do before the death of the game.

I'll start with my couple of replicas I made:

Martial Law 2009 was my first release, just because I only knew the bare basics of Binedit and found it to be an easy project, all I really did was take the existing Martial Law made by the great Scott Bergman, delete the bells and whistles the truck had previously, and did miner paint and texture up dates.


My second and last released replica Amsoil Shock Therapy 2009. I was really proud of this one, as I had gained a lot more knowledge about Binedit from my first replica, to my last. I was so pleased with it because I had paid a lot of attention to details and did some things a lot of people didn't tend to do with their replicas. I was able to add the custom Holbrook engine plate, changed the color of the "bird catcher," retextured the valve colors, and the bands on the engine, as well as gold valves that ran from the shocks to the bypass. I also retextured the sponsor plate, which was actually difficult. Interesting note, you can notice the white outline on the sponsor panel, which i had just used as a guide in Photoshop to tell me where the edges were, and I forgot to delete them. :$ But several custom trucks and even a couple replicas were based off of this truck, which is only noticeable because of the outline on the sponsor panel. And none of these things even sounded like a big deal, but they were to me. I got some help from Jordan Holland in way of the retextured wheels, and Ryan McCauley for the unreleased collector headers that are exact to what SIR had been using at the time. I also wanted to make a major paint update, but I was incapable at the time and it was hard to track down help for it. I won a couple titles in CFMTS with this truck, and ran it in every replica league I could. Here are a couple shots:

Before the new shocks:



Now veering away from that novel about something not overly impressive, myself and Austin Grams had started a league called CFMTS (County Fair Monster Truck Series), which in my opinion, was one of the best organized and most competitive replica series in my time with MTM2. CFMTS focused on side acts in order to create a fun atmosphere for our competitors, and this was one of the featured acts at a lot of shows. All I did was repaint the Predator Trax and made the CFMTS Masher tracked vehicle:


And now, OH BOY, my baby, Mountain Dew. If you can't tell from all of this that I love Mountain Dew, get yourself checked out. Mountain Dew was created from running in the SPHRA series. Before Mountain Dew, I was signed as a back up driver for team PMR, which was the FELD fleet for SPHRA. I only ran a couple shows with them, and did fairly well. The base of Mountain Dew was Scott Bergman's Sudden Impact. After a body, shock, tire, and paint swap, this was the first version of the truck:



Before I even debuted the truck competitively, I got really sick of the shocks sticking through the axles, and just ended up not enjoying the style as much as I thought I would. I quickly switched to more conventional shocks that came of of Jet's 2009 Team Suzuki truck, as the yellow ring on the shocks appealed to me, and retexturing those to the green color I was using on the body would give the truck a little bit more detail. I also switched to the standard FELD collector. Here is a photo of the truck at the VML Open House, where people would see Mountain Dew for the first time amongst it's other competitors:


Mountain Dew made it's competitive debut at a large stadium in Irving Texas, putting on a respectable showing. Part way into the season, I decided to support some fellow teammates by purchasing BBR's new Afterburner Liftoff headers, and I was the first customer to receive them. These headers stayed for the life of the truck in MTM2.


Also at this point in the season, I decided to make a summer scheme. Mountain Dew Throwback had just been announced, which the look of was very different than what it is now. But I loved this paint job because I had found a new grill to use, and it was a very simple paint job that perfectly matched the product. These shots were taken before the header change, just to show off what I would run in the summer season:




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At this time, I had joined Alex Vester in Chaos Racing for a while, which provided great benefits and would bring me to new markets. After about this time, I made myself a shop, as I was teaching myself how to use Traxx. Just wanted something kind of cool that fit myself and the truck well. Here was home base for Mountain Dew in Rice Lake, WI:


The bare chassis had belonged to Josh Rhodes, who was the winningest driver in MTM2, who was starting his own team for the next first quarter. He announced me as the the driver of his old chassis, which was to be named Half Breed, the chassis was sitting in my shop being rebuilt. Due to SPHRA ending soon after, the negotiations with Josh had ended abruptly.


Planned on turning this into a ride truck:




SPHRA was gone but WMTCS took it's place, which threw Mountain Dew in focusing to the top. I had decided to stay an independent team and recruited Eric Myers and Urban Assault to join me in forming Sewilo Racing.


With this, Mountain Dew's scheme was slightly altered and Jordon Robson of team KPR was hired to make the changes, which looked great. Much better quality than my design.


With these changes came a redesign to the shop, fitted and equipped for the now two truck team:


And that basically the wrap up of Mountain Dew as WMTCS only lasted one short season, and the community slowly drifted afterwards. But trust me, that is not the end of the book for Mountain Dew. ;)

Last thing I have is just a couple of tracks. CFMTS put on a three show series featuring trucks and tracks used by Paul Shafer motorsports at the time, and there was an overall championship for these three shows. This was my first ever released track, Grayslake, IL. Don't mind the awful mismatched textures. Other than that though, I felt this was a great track for a first. The ramps were good, and it had a huge fair ground atmosphere.


And the last was the very first championship event for CFMTS, which was a huge event. Ryan McCauley had started and nearly completed this track, before his mysterious disappearance that lasted for months. Luckily, I was able to obtain it. I had to finish and place some last details, do the ramps, and other things that don't come to mind. But it was a great track, and he worked very hard on the textures and models, and it shows.


Alright, I'm done rambling. But it was fun to reminisce and look through all my old Photobucket pictures. Hope to see some more posts on this! Thanks for taking the time to read all of this guys.

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Man I wish I had projects to show. Glad I started this thread, great memories here.

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Haha, no seriously. This thread is bringing back some great memories. LOVE seeing these project evolution posts. Hopefully we get a few more!

Always liked you Mountain Dew trucks Travis. Truck had a great stance to it too. I know what you mean when you said how well run and how fun CFMTS was. I think I only made a couple events but had a blast each time. *Sigh, memories. :(

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