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New Earth Authority and Doomsday v2

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About This File

Here are Monster Jam's brand new futuristic pieces for 2014 driven by Norm Miller and [Missing Information]!

I put quite a bit of work into these trucks as they are the first 3D bodies I've ever modeled.


Bodies - Doughboy

Paint - Doughboy

Chassis - Outlawed

Props - v4/v4.5/v5 staff

Tires - RockCrwlr

What's New in Version v2


  • - Fixed NEA texture issues

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First problem I have had downloading trucks/tracks, I am on Google Chrome and I tried to download it, it gave me an error saying "Unable to connect to the Internet" and I did the same on Internet Explorer, same message. All other trucks work fine. I am using Windows 8.


EDIT: Fixed, firewall was blocking the download.

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Quick Question.  I hate to bother you, but the tires are white for some reason.  do you happen to know why? (Just curious)






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Trucks look awesome! However, Doomsday's chassis is showing up black and yellow. Like caution tape. Did I do something wrong?

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