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Sim-Monsters V4 (0.38 Compatible)

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Here is the base V4 pack made to work in any 0.38 version of Rigs of Rods. This version of the pack will also work in 0.37, as I have fixed some of the problems that were with the original pack. Nothing in this pack is mine, all the credit is to the original makers of the original V4 Pack made a few years ago. This is just to have a stable pack that everyone will be able to use in 0.38 and 0.39. Hope you guys enjoy!


  • There is now an Iron Outlaw (Red) truck
  • Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw have the original body made by Activision
  • Grave Digger 7 has Lexan, was originally white and untextured

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What's the big move?

Moving from .37 to .38 


Also, will Chris and Edys V4 updates work too? I'll probably just go ahead and try it but I was just wondering.

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Will this fix the 0.38 tire glitch? Because one of my favorite trucks had the tire glitch.




Yep it does!

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me, personally as a more discreet and new member of the community am looking forward to the big move, more features and better gameplay with RoR .38.


With me working mainly on .38 hopefully i can make myself more known on forums and even be in the league but for now, i'm just happy about the version transfer


The only thing i am not looking forward too is if .39 comes out, doubtetly though, with the hype over BeamNG RoR won't need a move for a while

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how do i put this in the .38 version?

Create a folder labeled 'SimMonsters Pack' and put the .zip in that folder.

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Dude i love the pack i have a suggestion can oyu update the trucks? like new chasis/tires etc hope oyu do this and i rlly want you to do this thanks for your attention


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