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Northern Nightmare 1.0

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About This File

Same reason as Grinder, Klayton released the body so I revamped the truck...


Truck File- Me

Body- Klayton

Texturing/Exporting- DanDon

Axles, Knuckles, Splitshield, etc.- Crazy

Chassis- Kozak

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I need a file called GraveDiggerBlackRim.mesh for this truck to not crash my game

Please, if that was you, don't report my truck as "Broken" if you are missing a file. I will update my truck just for you, because you don't have that file. That file is a stock file...

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I have Grave Digger 27 2.0 but how do I get Northern Nightmare to work? Do I need to extract everything to the smv4 folder?

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