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This is the simplest track of the season to be used for Monster Outlaws, but that does not by any means insinuate that this will be easy for the drivers. This track features a Chicago Style course placed on top of a massive pad of dirt in the center of the stadium. There is just barely enough room to swing the truck around the turn without falling off the edge.


Modeling/Texturing - Me

Outside Stadium Textures - Klayton(Edited by Me)

Original Track - Crazyman9

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My league does not have freestyle, so I have only been releasing racing versions. At the end of my league, all the tracks I released will be updated with freestyle versions.


And yes, this is another MTM2 remake!

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A wonderful remake of another nostalgic MTM2 track.

I bet there gonna be quite a few wipe outs on this one.

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