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Here is the track for the West Tour for SMRA this weekend. It is a jersey style track with the starting hills in the middle of the turning doubles.

Sorry about all the car models floating outside.


Track Model and Paint: Me

Car models: Danny Mackey

Car Textures: MTM2

Textures: Klayton, Google, and other various track makers

Stadium Model: ARF

Sorry if I forgot anyone.



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Somehow, The MJ Megatron made it's way onto the racing track, while the freestyle track has the correct SMRA Scoreboard. I was 99% sure I changed it for racing too, but somehow the other one got left on. If you think I purposely left you out of the credits, you are sadly mistaken (Yes, I saw your new signature on here). It was a simple mistake, that in all honesty, doesn't really need to be fixed. 


I said sorry if I forgot anyone, and I didn't realize it was on there, so I guess credit to you for that.

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6 minutes ago, Inez Vasquez said:

What Do You Mean? It IS A Track From BeamNG.Drive

This track was made in Ror then was ported into beamng.

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