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Blacksmith Pack Expansion 1: Captain's Curse 2007 1.0.0

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About This File

About this truck:

  • Captain's Curse is a truck previously owned by Pablo Huffaker (now under the ownership of FELD as Pablo moved on to drive Grave Digger full time). It ran on the Blacksmith chassis for the majority of it's life until Alex Blackwell designed a Cohen chassis for it in 2013.
  • The truck ran at World Finals VIII, where Pablo Huffaker took home his first and only championship to date, the 2007 Freestyle Champion title.
  • The truck competed in every World Finals since then, except for World Finals XVII, much to the fan's surprise.
  • After Alex Blackwell was transferred to Megalodon, the truck was retired for it's second time (first being in 2012 until World Finals XIII), this time it's return is unknown and is to be announced.

About this file:

     This is going to be the last truck that does not get my complete focus. Looking back and looking at other's content, I see many imperfections with the truck. The shocks don't connect to the chassis, the 4-links don't connect to the axles, etc. So from now on, every truck I do will have complete focus and no feature will be overlooked. I may even give Blacksmith and Captain's Curse a prop/node beam revamp someday. You'll never know when it'll come. Just be patient.


  • Captain's Curse (World Finals VIII)


  • Me: Node/beam, interior design, Captain's Curse driver texture, assembly, other stuff
  • Activision: Body
  • Nicholas Kozak: Chassis
  • Alan Echevarria: Lexan(?), paint edits
  • John Dough: Tires
  • Blaise Zantinge: Original node/beam (borrowed from Gold Max-D), shocks
  • Sim-Monsters: Other Props, I used so many that it's really hard to keep track of all of them


This truck must be extracted into the Blacksmith Pack to work!

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